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Getting your website to appear on top of Google can be very rewarding for your business. There is always an ongoing battle between Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proponents. Which is better? PPC or SEO? With PPC you pay for each click, but you pay for focused dominance, and can appear at the top of Google Search for very specific keywords, in your desired locations at your best times. With SEO you aim to appear high organically, but are often buried underneath the ads. However, there is an argument that high organic results are more “trustworthy”. With PPC you can get immediate exposure, SEO gives you longer term visibility.

So which is better? PPC or SEO? In our opinion, the two complement each other, and successful businesses will have strong PPC and SEO strategies.  For your brand, you want to appear MULTIPLE times on top of Google, including ads, organic and maps. It’s not easy at all to achieve this, and at Savvy Search Marketing, we help a growing number of businesses to dominate the top of Google for their brand.

Dominating has significant advantages including:

  1. If someone refers your business, the person googling you will be extremely impressed with such visibility
  2. Your Google AdWords campaigns will get an uplift from strong SEO, in the form of high Quality Scores (higher relevance)
  3. You will get better overall Click Thru Rate
  4. Impact on your business is strong

See below for some examples of our clients, that have achieved the Google Holy Grail of at least 3 simultaneous showings on top of Google search: Ads, Organic, Maps.

Please google your brand, company name, and top keywords. If you do not get anything close to this kind of visibility, call us at 1-855-712-9772 or fill in the form on this page, to arrange your free consultation.  You will be glad you did, and you will find out why we are ranked #1 on TrustPilot in the Marketing/ Search Engine category, as well as being rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

TOP OF GOOGLE SEARCH – Tutor Doctor Colorado Springs


TOP OF GOOGLE SEARCH – Delco Fireplaces

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