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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Premier Google Partner

Paid search marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are undoubtedly dominated by Google AdWords. Today, for most businesses, from small local family-owned to multinational conglomerates, advertising their goods and services on the Google network has become a part of their basic business expenses. Consequently, Google has set up a series of qualifications and certifications for advertising/marketing professionals and agencies which want to offer their services as PPC experts. Google has done that in order to ensure that any business wishing to hire a PPC expert will be able to hire professionals who have the proper training and expertise to run successful advertising campaigns for their clients. The Google Partners program qualifies companies for two Google Partner Statuses: Google Partner and Premier Google Partner.

Which Agencies are Awarded the Premier Google Partner Badge?

Last September, Forbes reported that by the end of 2016, for the first time in U.S. history, businesses will have spent more on digital ads than on television advertising. The report states that $72.09 billion will have been spent on U.S. digital advertising compared to $71.29 billion on TV ads. It’s clear that businesses have realized the awesome power of online advertising and the significantly higher return-on-investment (ROI) they are able to offer. Therefore businesses are in search of the most qualified experts to manage their online advertising campaigns. Fortunately, Google makes it easier to identify the most trusted and qualified PPC experts since it awards them with its coveted Premier Google Partner Badge. The Premier Google Partner Badge is only awarded to the top 3% of the most qualified Google Partner agencies. Agencies like Savvy Search Marketing are expected to meet a number of requirements such as a higher minimum number of staff members certified in AdWords, a higher spend demonstrating a healthy amount of activity, delivering “solid” ad revenue and growth, and maintaining a growing client base.

The Reasons for You to Choose A Premier Google Partner

Reason 1: Access to Qualified and Certified PPC Accounts Managers

Accounts managers for Premier Google Partner agencies are qualified experts in PPC marketing who have been certified by Google Adwords after they have passed a number examination which they are required to re-take annually. These specialists have demonstrated the necessary expertise in AdWords concepts and best practices in order to provide the desired results for their clients. Managing a successful campaign is a complex operation which can only be accomplished by experienced professionals who are able to assess analytical data, perform the proper adjustments regarding budgets/keywords/ads and develop a strategy to produce high rates of conversions and an excellent ROI for their clients.

Reason 2: Priority Support from Google

Dedicated Google Representatives are another reason you need to choose a Premier Google Partner. As part of the top 3% of Google Partners, they have direct access to Google representatives who can be contacted at any time. The Google representatives can help them resolve any issues from cyber attacks on a client’s website to a client’s temporary inability to fulfill orders. These issues could potentially cost any business a significant amount of money if they are not dealt with immediately. Unless you have the support of a dedicated Google representative than you may have to wait days or even weeks before your issues are dealt with successfully.

These representative are in constant contact with Premier Google Partner agencies and even notify them about AdWord’s latest tools and products. They offer Premier Google Partners the opportunity to be the first try out the betas with features that could increase the performance of your campaigns and your conversion rates.

Reason 3: Effective Use of Time and Money

A Premier Google Partner agency like Savvy Search Marketing has to meet much higher standards than agencies with the Google Partner badge. Consequently, our clients are guaranteed that their PPC accounts are well-managed and will provide a high ROI. The experienced PPC specialists on staff are able to develop and run campaigns efficiently and with a minimum amount of issues which could cost your business time and money. The PPC specialists are also well-informed about the latest AdWords best practices and can apply them to clients’ campaigns to ensure they receive high-quality PPC management. What’s more, ongoing testing and monitoring of campaigns with a special focus on keywords, locations, and audience targeting are just a few of the factors that are taken into careful consideration in order to provide all clients with a high ROI.

Reason 4: Extensive Networking

A Premier Google Partner is able to gain access the whole of the Google community and develop an indispensable network of online marketing experts who can provide them with new or unique insights to help their clients achieve greater success. In addition, Premier Google Partners attend Google sponsored events at which they share their best practices with other agencies from around the world. Hence, they are able to optimize your campaigns and are constantly developing new strategies for better results.

Reason 5: Exclusive Workshops/Training and Hosting Local Session

A Premier Google Partner is regularly invited to Google Headquarters where Google introduces new products and provides more information about upcoming developments. Premier Google Partners are always kept informed by Google representatives who even assist them to set up and host their own workshops and events which highlight various issues of interest to the local business community. Savvy Search Marketing has proudly and successfully hosted several such free events this year.

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