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Google Ads’ Newest Conversion Tracking Feature: Local Conversion Actions

On the 25th of June, 2018. Google Ads added a new conversion reporting feature to help us gain a better insight into the steps consumers take after viewing our Google ads to visit our physical location (e.g. office or shop). The new account level conversions feature is called “Local Actions.”  Google explains local conversion actions … READ MORE

Locksmith Google Ads Advanced Verification

Google Ads has become the world’s most popular Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform. Hundreds of businesses are creating Google Ads accounts every year and taking advantage of the precise audience targeting offered by Google Ads. For local service businesses like locksmiths whose customers need their services immediately and are most likely using their mobile phones to conduct … READ MORE

5 Benefits Of PPC For A Small Business

Small business owners tend to be apprehensive about new marketing initiatives since their marketing budget is usually quite limited. According to research, small businesses budget only 4% of their revenue for marketing.  They tend to spend it on website development and SEO, along with print or broadcast media, social media advertising, email marketing, advertising reps … READ MORE

High-Performing Landing Pages

At Savvy Search Marketing, we are always looking for ways to help our clients improve their online web presence and lead generation. We have been able to achieve significant success by creating highly focused, very localized, speedy and responsive dedicated landing pages, and, naturally, by providing our clients with world class Pay Per Click (PPC) … READ MORE

Machine Learning and PPC

We may have just entered the second half of 2017 but we have already had numerous significant developments in the area Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising or paid search marking.  One of the most important innovations of this year has been in the area of Machine Learning in which Google AdWords has made serious leaps and bounds. … READ MORE

Quality Score Made Easy: New Developments In Reporting

One of the most important pieces of information provided by AdWords in order to help us create relevant and effective ads, landing pages and choose the proper keywords is that vital piece of information referred to as the Quality Score (QS).  This score is a significant component of Ad Rank, which is how Google determines the position in which … READ MORE

How Google Became a Household Name

“Google” has become part of the vernacular of almost every language in the modern world.  This incredible feat was accomplished in less than two decades.  The ambitious project of two Standford University students,  Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to design a better way to check the credibility of academic papers led them to develop what we … READ MORE


Texting With Just A Tap On October 17, 2016, Google Adwords announced that in the coming weeks, they will be introducing  message extensions for mobile text ads called “click-to-message ads”.  Google decided to offer these extensions since according to research conducted by Google Consumer Surveys in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, 65% of smartphone users … READ MORE

Savvy Team At Bing Ads Connect, Vancouver 2016

This April, our Savvy Search Marketing Team attended the Bing Ads Connect Conference in Vancouver. A great time was had by all, as we listened to customer panelists and Microsoft’s foremost PPC specialists share their experiences with Bing. We were also privileged to be able to workshop new campaign building techniques, hear from industry experts, … READ MORE

Bing, AOL Partnership Expands Audience Network for PPC Ads

As of January 1, Bing now officially powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search, providing paid ads and organic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide. The impact for online marketers is huge: “Today, 1 in 5 searches happen on, and by providing Bing search results for the number 3 (Yahoo) and 5 (AOL) search … READ MORE