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HTTPS or Perish

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become part of our everyday life and we have become accustomed to using them to access the Web by connecting to public WiFi at work, while shopping or at our favourite cafe. Consequently, people are now becoming more and more sensitive and aware of the importance of protecting … READ MORE

Google Adwords: Expanded Text Ads

Changing with The Times According to Google researchers, 90% of our exposure to media is through smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions, and we are quickly becoming quite adept to using these devices together to achieve our goals.  As this multi-screen behaviour is becoming more common every day, understanding and finding the proper applications to deal … READ MORE

Creating YouTube Campaigns with Google AdWords

Creating video campaigns for YouTube with Google AdWords is straightforward. You only need an advertising video on YouTube with a convincing message and a Google AdWords account. Step 1: Create a Campaign Create a new campaign by clicking on +Campaign. Choose Online video from the drop-down menu. You will be led directly to the tab … READ MORE

Google Partners Connect

Streamed live on Feb 11, 2015 – Presented by Google Partners Connect. Learn about the value of digital marketing and how you can expand your online presence through smarter insights to grow your business. Savvy Search Marketing Ltd is a full service digital agency and Premier Google Partner. Please do not hesitate to contact us … READ MORE

No More Shared Ads In AdWords

Google AdWords has a Shared Library in which various resources can be shared across multiple campaigns. These include Ads, Bid Strategies, Business Data, Negative Keywords, Placement Exclusions, Budgets and Audiences. Ads in a Shared Library could be shared across multiple campaigns. Although this was a useful feature, it did not integrate with AdWords which reduced … READ MORE

Best Way To See How Your Ads Appear On Google

We often find our clients doing many searches for their keywords to see how their ads appear on Google and to ensure that the message sent is the one they would like their customers to receive and respond to. However, if you conduct searches for your ads on Google by using your keywords, then you’ll, directly … READ MORE

Show Additional Callout Text Below Your Ad

The callout ad extension lets you include additional text with your search ads that provide detailed information about your business, including products and services you offer. Callouts appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results. You can add callouts when you create your campaign. You can edit your descriptive text, and … READ MORE

Making every character count in your mobile search ads

People expect information right at their fingertips, whether it’s locating the nearest burger joint or booking a flight. And they’re searching for all this information on small screens — sometimes as narrow as 4 inches. This means that mobile ads must make every character count. Adwords has announced an improvement to the way ads look … READ MORE

Introducing Dynamic Sitelinks

We always like to bring you new and great information direct from the source. Today we blog about dynamic sitelinks from Google AdWords: Whether it’s shopping for a TV or planning a trip, people perform multiple searches when completing activities online. Sitelinks have long helped to connect people to the content they’re looking for by … READ MORE

Google Adwords – Remarketing

This brief video shows how to use Adwords Remarketing.  AdWords Remarketing allows you to show ads to your site visitors as they browse other pages across the Google Display Network. The ads can be text or display.