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Google Ads’ Newest Conversion Tracking Feature: Local Conversion Actions

On the 25th of June, 2018. Google Ads added a new conversion reporting feature to help us gain a better insight into the steps consumers take after viewing our Google ads to visit our physical location (e.g. office or shop). The new account level conversions feature is called “Local Actions.”  Google explains local conversion actions … READ MORE

Google Adwords – Linking Your Adwords & Analytics Accounts

Watch the video to learn how to link Google Analytics to your AdWords account, giving you more insight into what happens after people land on your website from ads. The following are key advantages to linking Analytics with Adwords: 1. View website performance & engagement data in Adwords 2. Import Goals & Transactions as Conversions … READ MORE

Google Analytics – How To Exclude Spam

We recently wrote about a growing problem within Google Analytics reports, of significant amounts of visitor traffic from fake sources. These are often not even actual visitors, but are the result of outside manipulation that triggers Analytics to log and display a referral or visit. This spam/junk data totally skews the Analytics. We are very … READ MORE

Is your site ready for Valentines Day? Improve your site experience with Google Analytics

Love is all around: Improve your site experience with Google Analytics Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you analyze the behavior of your site visitors. With Google Analytics, you can gain valuable insights into improving your site. The very first step is to link your Google Analytics and AdSense accounts in a … READ MORE

Google Analytics will drop IE9 support on January 31

Google today announced that its Analytics service will stop supporting Internet Explorer 9 next month. Starting on January 31, Google Analytics users should only use Microsoft’s browser if they are running IE10 or IE11. While you can continue to use Google Analytics with IE9 after this date, Google warned that “some features may not work … READ MORE

4 Weekly Google Analytics Reports Business Owners Should Set Up

It’s one thing to do all the things you’re supposed to do for an SEO campaign: writing great content on a regular basis, keeping your site structurally sound, posting high ­quality offsite links, and so on, but it takes another level of effort to actively measure and analyze your impact. Without insight into the effectiveness … READ MORE

Google Analytics 102: Event Tracking

In the third, and last, part of the Google Analytics 102 series we go over Events: Track The Actions That Drive Your Business. Events are something of a Swiss Army knife within the Google Analytics tool box. If you can detect an action like a click, form submission, or mouse movements such as scrolling, then … READ MORE

Google Analytics 102: Segments

Segments: Extract More Detailed Answers By Asking More Detailed Questions Jared Spool once said alphabetical order is the same as no order at all. Yes, it is a common default way of ordering information, but what makes alphabetical order weak is that it may not take into account important context cues that make the data … READ MORE

Master Mobile App Measurement with Analytics Academy

Google Analytics is excited to officially announce their newest course Analytics Academy — Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals. This free, online, video-based course is designed to introduce mobile app developers and marketers to Google’s tools and best practices for improving their app performance and monetization strategies using Google Analytics as your guide. Register at and … READ MORE

Google Analytics 102: How To Set Up Goals

From the time you set up your account and put your tracking code on your site, Google Analytics, starts to capture and display a lot of data. But the one thing Google Analytics doesn’t know right out of the box is your business and the definition of a successful transaction or interaction on your website. … READ MORE