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Set Up Sub MCC Account In AdWords

The instructions below are intended to enable the creation of sub MCCs within a single main MCC in AdWords.

  1. Ensure you have a google email (gmail is easiest) that has never been used with AdWords before. If you do not have one, simply create a new gmail for this purpose
  2. Make sure you are logged into Google with this email
  3. Go to
  4. Do NOT Click on Start Now at the top right hand side. That appears to create a new AdWords account, and then you cannot do the MCC
  5. Rather, you will see a link on the page that says Start using manager accounts . Click on that link
  6. This will take you to a page headed Welcome to AdWords manager accounts
  7. Name your account
  8. How will you primarily use this AdWords manager account? If you are an agency or an AdWords Specialist working on client accounts, then choose this: To manage other people’s accounts
  9. Complete the rest of the fields, and your MCC is set up
  10. Copy the Customer or Manager ID, which should be the same
  11. Separately (use a different browser) login to your main MCC account
  12. Choose +Account from MCC menu, then Link Existing Accounts
  13. Paste the copied ID and request approval
  14. Go back to your newly created MCC
  15. Go to Account Settings (under wheel on top right)
  16. Go to Account Access, and you will see Request from the main MCC
  17. Accept the request
  18. Go to your main MCC account, refresh the screen and you will see the new sub-MCC. All done!
  19. You can now “move” accounts from your main MCC to your sub-MCC (or sub MCCs), simply by selecting them, then Edit, Change Client Manager

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