Google Grants Management

Google Grants is a unique in-kind donation program awarding free AdWords advertising to selected charitable organizations. According to Google: “we support organizations sharing our philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. “

Once accepted, a charity / NGO will receive a grant of $10,000 per month, to spend on Google AdWords clicks. The Google Grants program empowers non-profit organizations to achieve their goals by helping them promote their websites via advertising on Google. Google AdWords ads appear when users search on Google. When you click one of the ads, you are brought to the website being advertised.

There are various terms and conditions applied to this program, for example there is a limit of $2 on each click, and the balance left over each month does not carry forward to the next month.

We, at Savvy Search Marketing, are currently managing the Google AdWords campaigns of several NGOs/charities that have received these grants (they are listed lower down this on this page). We have also helped charitable organizations in applying for the grant. This helps them to significantly increase their online exposure. Our management is done at a significant discount, as part of our community and charitable involvement.

To find out more about Google Grants, and to apply, visit If you are a charity / NGO that has received the Google Grant (or is thinking of applying), and may need help in managing your AdWords campaign, please call 1-855-712-9772 or email us using the contact form on the right.

Below are some of the Google Grants accounts that we manage

Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation

Website capture image of Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation

For most, the reason for giving begins at home. We want outstanding care, close to home, for those who matter most to us: our spouse, children, grandchildren, elderly parents, friends.

This is an exciting time to give. Donors are taking a leading role and are making a personal impact. Your investment in the Foundation will enhance the care available to your loved ones and to the community.

It’s your hospital. Commit to it. Invest in it. Be a part of it. For all your very important reasons.

Make a healthy donation.

The Center for Election Science


The Center for Election Science is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of voting system experts and activists dedicated to helping people make better collective decisions.Here is a testimonial from Stephen Cobb, Treasurer, The Center for Election Science

“Dear Savvas, thanks to you and other supporters, it has been a great year for the Center for Election Science. Your generosity enables us to continue our mission of educating the public about the benefits of improved election systems. In 2013 you provided CES with Adwords management services. Yours is a valuable contribution and we appreciate it greatly. Please accept our thanks!”

Operation Rainbow Canada

Operation Rainbow Canada

Operation Rainbow Canada is a private, all volunteer non-profit medical services organization which functions without paid staff and provides free reconstructive surgery and related health care for cleft lip and cleft palate deformities to needy children and young adults in developing countries.The medical teams perform reconstructive surgery for children and young adults whose families could not otherwise afford them. Operation Rainbow Canada also provides education and training to physicians and other health care professionals in the host countries to achieve long-term self-sufficiency.


Alliance for Climate Education

ACE is the national leader in high school climate science education.We’re an award-winning national nonprofit dedicated to educating America’s high school students about the science behind climate change and inspiring them to do something about it—while having fun along the way. We’re based in Oakland, California, with educator teams in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta, New England, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina and Wisconsin. ACE delivers two core offerings: the ACE Assembly and Student Action Program.

Here is a testimonial from Kara Muraki, Program Manager, Alliance for Climate Education.

“We have been blown away by the quick and steady increase in traffic that Savvas has been able to achieved with our Google Adwords. We literally went from no Adword traffic to over 10,000 clicks in one month! He is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with”


African Solutions to African Problems

African Solutions to African problems supports grassroots organizations of women running drop-in centers for orphans and children made vulnerable by aids in South Africa.Since 2003 ASAP has contributed to about 700 women caring for over 15,000 children with nutrition and broad-based care, with access to education, health services and social welfare.

This is what Priscilla Higham, Executive Director of African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP) has to say about out grants management service:

“We recently received a significant grant from a global investment company with a foundation in South Africa. They did a google search and ASAP came right up and they called and visited the projects and we have a 3 year commitment. Wonderful, thank you!” – Priscilla Higham, Executive Director of African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP)


Imagine H2O is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire & empower people to solve water problems. Their vision is to turn water challenges into opportunities.Imagine H2O was founded in 2007 by a team of leaders in the water, energy, and non-profit sectors at Harvard Business School. They saw the world’s water crisis as an opportunity for new ideas, new businesses, and new ways to help people and the planet. They just couldn’t figure out what to do about it. They have now built a program to serve as a launch-pad for water innovation to the world.

WORLD TRUST – Social Impact through Film and Dialogue (USA)

Through education rooted in love and justice, World Trust is a catalyst for racial equity.World Trust produces programs and seminars based on our films that open minds and hearts. They offer the skills to perceive and challenge the internal and external system that reinforces racial oppression.

They believe that suffering perpetuated by racial and economic divides is, at its core, the result of a disconnect from our collective humanity.

SOCIAL VENTURE NETWORK – World-Changing Entrepreneurs (USA)

Social Venture Network has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create more successful, responsible and sustainable enterprises.Wayne Silby & Josh Mailman started SVN in 1987. They envisioned a platform to connect, inspire, and support influential entrepreneurs using business to create a values-driven and sustainable world.

Today, SVN is a highly influential network of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and impact investors.