Call Tracking

Pay Per Click can be an expensive but highly effective form of online marketing. We believe that measurement of your performance is crucial in getting the best bang for your PPC buck. There are various measurement techniques that we use, including Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking and Call Tracking. While AdWords offers a built in Call Tracking option, this is very limited, and there are various third party Call Tracking companies that have much more extensive offerings. Call Tracking is crucial for businesses that rely on phone calls, and may have to pay a high Cost Per Click to get them.

A good Call Tracking System will provide you with multiple local (or toll free) phone numbers that you can use for marketing purposes. These are “virtual” numbers and simply forward to your regular number(s). All calls received can be measured and recorded, with some truly amazing statistics.

Useful Call Tracking Tips and Features

  • Separate numbers can measure multiple online campaigns or sources. For example, Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads can all have their own numbers
  • You can also use Call Tracking for offline ads such as local newspaper ads, flyers etc
  • This enables you to measure exactly how many calls each marketing initiative generates enabling you to focus on what works best
  • The phone number on your website can dynamically change based on the source of the visitor. Thus someone visiting the website via a Google ad will see a different number to an organic visitor
  • You can get immediate notifications via text or email every time a call is received! This can make a significant difference to converting your leads. A usual problem is someone calling you; but they hang up when the call goes onto voicemail. You would receive an immediate notification so that you can call back the person as soon as possible. Why miss that lead?
  • The recording of calls is invaluable if you rely on the receptionist or a third party to answer your phone. Are they doing a good job? Are they closing engaging well with the prospect?
  • Even in its most basic form, Call Tracking is useful. If you do not want multiple numbers, you could simply start with one, so at least you can enjoy some of the benefits of call tracking. Multiple numbers are useful if you have bigger and more complex marketing strategies

We use Call Tracking for many of our clients, in a wide range of industries including plumbers, lawyers, dentists, tutors, optometrists, chiropractors etc. We find that using this useful tool helps to significantly improve the performance of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and any other online (and offline) marketing.

This is what one of our clients had to say recently about our Call Tracking System:

“I just wanted to let you know about the value of your Call Tracking system. I truly found it quite helpful in reviewing telephone call information. When someone calls, I can use the rewind feature and listen to what I said or what they said. Recently, I accidentally pressed 337 and I deleted the phone number of a previous client who wanted an appointment! I had no way of retrieving the recorded message until I received your report and was able to listen to who the client was and get the phone number to call them back. It is also outstanding for checking on my website, as well.” – Caree Ludwar, NEW BEAUTY INSTITUTE

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