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Savvy Search Marketing Teams Up with The Glass Guru Franchise

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Savvy Search Marketing is proud to announce its collaboration with The Glass Guru Franchise.

The Glass Guru is a home-services franchise which has carved a unique niche for itself by providing a quick, simple and cost-effective process for repairing foggy windows. This process increases the lifespan of windows and helps their customers avoid the high cost of replacing them. All the Glass Guru Franchisees are full-service residential glass shops, offering customers a unique bundle of cutting-edge restoration services combined with traditional repair and replacement services, and niche specialty products.

Managing a Successful Franchise

Like all successful franchises, The Glass Guru offers high-demand products and services coupled with a well-developed business model, branding/marketing systems and excellent support to ensure that their Franchisees are able to achieve tremendous success. Part of their marketing strategy involves collaborating with Savvy Search Marketing to promote their services through “Internet or Digital Marketing.”

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For more than 20 years at Savvy Search Marketing, we have been helping businesses grow and reach a new level of affordable and effective marketing while ensuring that they maximise their return on their advertising investment.  In order to help ads leap off the screen, we can provide you with expert Search Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) management, Web Development, Dedicated Landing Pages, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and non-PPC online marketing.  We are so confident in our abilities to help any business significantly increase its sales and decrease its advertising costs, that we offer a no-contract, 100% satisfaction guaranteed service.

Working With Savvy Search Marketing

Benefits for Head Office

Our extensive experience and considerable success in Internet Marketing has enabled us to become a certified Premier Google Partner, a Bing Partner and PandaDoc Partner, able to help your Franchise significantly expand its client base.  The team of professionals at Savvy Search Marketing is a stable and reliable group who can provide you with all the necessary services and facilities to control, optimise and promote a consistent image of your Franchise from a local to an international level.

The data gathered on an ongoing basis by our project managers, analysts and specialists will assist you in making effective decisions and developing strategies which can benefit both you and your Franchisees. We investigate and analyse the latest trends and analytics of existing campaigns in order to provide you with the proper direction and services to excel in today’s highly competitive market. Above all, we pride ourselves on our devotion and accountability towards all our clients whom we always strive to make feel that the success of their organisation is our only concern.

Benefits for Franchisees

Our hands-on approach and willingness to listen to our clients’ individualised needs mean that we are able to provide each Franchisee with the personalised solutions and services that can place them ahead of the local competition while staying consistent with the Franchise profile.  We offer Franchisees services to create a responsive website, PPC dashboard and ongoing PPC managements while constantly informing them of even minor adjustments which will benefit their campaign. We also create Dedicated Landing Pages which can offer each Franchisee the flexibility to promote specific services/products/promotions while maintaining and reflecting the image of the Franchise. Most importantly, Landing Pages can be an effective way to provide extremely high-quality user-experience and increase conversion rates! They are a great way to promote your service or product without the distractions of a conventional website. Your visitors receive the information they are seeking and have a crystal clear “Call-to-Action.”

Our team of experts is continuously evaluating information received from analytics tools and providing clients with explanations they are able to understand instead of presenting them with lists of numbers and statistics which could mean anything.  We truly believe that we become members of our clients’ teams and their goals become ours.  We make sure that a Franchisee’s hard earned investment dollars pay off in quick conversions as a result of focused campaigns and always try to keep them one step ahead of the competition through the development of well-founded strategies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your Franchise’s specific web marketing strategy. We always offer a Free Consultation. Call 855-488-0988 to get started or email us using the contact form on this page.

Our Goal is to Help You Succeed!

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