Savvy Online Leads Generation Service

Get on top of Google in YOUR city, for YOUR service(s) within days!

Are you a local business, serving a local market? Sick and tired of poor online marketing? Strong business – but need more visibility? Do you want more quality local LEADS?

Whether you have an awesome website, or an ancient clunker, or nothing at all, this service can get you up and running, and on top of Google in YOUR city, for YOUR service(s) within days!


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Main Features & Included With Every Account

  • Savvy Landing Page(s)
  • Google AdWords Management by leading Premier Google Partner
  • Call Tracking (including call notifications, optional recording and more)
  • No long term contracts! Sign up for three months, thereafter service is on monthly basis
  • Powerful reporting including all leads
  • Exclusivity: we will not provide service to your direct competitors (location, service)
  • Exceptional pricing: From $499 per month plus budget for Google clicks

Optional Add-ons

  • Facebook Pixel Retargeting (your landing page visitors will see your ads in their Facebook News feed)
  • Bing Ads (works similar to Google AdWords)

Why Use Savvy Landing Pages?

  • Fast & Awesome on Mobile (fast pages that scroll well increase user engagement)
  • Secure https (having a secure page enhances trust and confidence)
  • Focused Services / Products (Provide the searcher exactly what they are looking for)
  • Easily cloned (eg for additional cities, services)
  • Fantastic for Google AdWords/ PPC (Usually performs better than bigger websites)
  • High Quality Scores due to speed and relevance (lowering your Cost Per Click)
  • They do not compete with your website/ SEO (totally standalone)
  • Highly Visible Call To Action with  Phone & Form
  • Great user experience
  • Excellent for measuring all leads (not mixed up with your website – measure every lead)
  • You get to see the landing page(s) during creation, with powerful collaboration

Sample Savvy Landing Pages


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What are you waiting for?

Call (877) 958-9085 or fill in the form on this page.