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Promotion Extensions Make Great Business Sense

In order to advertise sales and promotions on the Search Network with the original AdWords interface, usually. most advertisers added information in the ad copy. This method, although effective, used up limited characters in the already short text ads. Advertisers also had to set up new campaigns and create duplicate ads for different promotions which normally run for a few days. Now, thanks to the new AdWords interface, we can just change a single ad extension instead of updating ad copy.

New Promotion Extensions for Text Ads

The new AdWords interface has made the task of advertising promotions on the Search Network using text ads quite easy and effective with its new “Promotion Extensions.” These extensions have been available for Google Shopping ads since 2012 but now we can use them on text ads as well.

The new Promotion extensions are shown beneath ads in an easy to read format that is very noticeable, for both mobile and desktop. For example, mobile ads feature a price tag icon while the desktop ads have the highlighted word “Deal.” Like all extensions, they are free to add and you will only be charged when someone clicks on it, just like any other clickable ad extension. These extensions can be applied at the account, campaign, or ad group level.

Preview Image of a Promotion Extension on Mobile Devices

Preview Image of a Promotion Extension on Mobile Devices

Actual Ad with Promotion Extension as it Appears on Google Search Results

Actual Ad with Promotion Extension as it Appears on Google Search Results

How We Can Use Promotion Extensions

We can select one of 12 special occasions or holidays relating to our promotion. For example, “Father’s Day” or “Back-to-School” which will also appear on the ads. In the case of the desktop ads, the word “Deal” will be replaced by the occasion we have selected.

Occasions Currently Available for Promotion Extensions

Occasions Currently Available for Promotion Extensions

An Example of a Possible Father's Day Promotion Extension

An Example of a Possible Father’s Day Promotion Extension

You can also select the monetary (all globally supported languages and currencies are available) or percent discount which shows alongside the word “off.” You also have the option of adding any promo code at checkout, minimum order values, as well as the dates when the sale begins and ends. However, due to the fact that promotion extensions must only include a monetary or percent-based discount, they can’t be used to promote “Free Shipping” or “Buy One Get X Free.

The extension can displays up to 2 lines of text that includes details of your promotion. Since this extension requires that you set a final URL, when someone clicks or taps on the extension, they will go to the special offers page on your website or landing page.

Why Use Promotion Extensions

Google explains that promotion extensions are a great way to attract customers who are searching for special offers and sales relevant to your business and increase your Click-Through-Rate (CTR). These extensions are extremely useful and easy to apply when advertising promotions for Christmas or Easter holidays or special events such as Mother’s / Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Back-to-School, sales.

Another great benefit is that these extensions are easily updated since we don’t need to create new text ads for our special promotions. What’s more, when we edit our extensions we won’t lose any performance statistics. We also have the option of choosing to show our extensions on mobile devices and within the preset dates of the occasion or specific dates of our choosing. Of course, like all extensions, we can specify the days of the week or times of the day when we’d like our promotion extension to be eligible to show.

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