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HTTPS or Perish

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become part of our everyday life and we have become accustomed to using them to access the Web by connecting to public WiFi at work, while shopping or at our favourite cafe. Consequently, people are now becoming more and more sensitive and aware of the importance of protecting … READ MORE

Promotion Extensions Make Great Business Sense

In order to advertise sales and promotions on the Search Network with the original AdWords interface, usually. most advertisers added information in the ad copy. This method, although effective, used up limited characters in the already short text ads. Advertisers also had to set up new campaigns and create duplicate ads for different promotions which … READ MORE

“near me” Is Not Just About Location But Also About Finding What We Need, When We Need It!

Last August, Google’s VP of Marketing for the Americas, Lisa Gevelber in an article about “near me” reminded us how almost one-third of all mobile searches are related to location and that looking for a service or product nearby is one of the most common searches. However, now, people aren’t using location qualifiers as much … READ MORE

Locksmith Google Ads Advanced Verification

Google Ads has become the world’s most popular Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform. Hundreds of businesses are creating Google Ads accounts every year and taking advantage of the precise audience targeting offered by Google Ads. For local service businesses like locksmiths whose customers need their services immediately and are most likely using their mobile phones to conduct … READ MORE

Expect New AdWords Experience Switch By The End Of The Year

On Monday, May 7th, Google announced that AdWords users will have to make a full switch to the new AdWords experience by the end of the year. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisers, like Savvy Search Marketing, will no longer be able to manage PPC accounts using the original interface of AdWords. Since the new AdWords Experience was … READ MORE

5 Benefits Of PPC For A Small Business

Small business owners tend to be apprehensive about new marketing initiatives since their marketing budget is usually quite limited. According to research, small businesses budget only 4% of their revenue for marketing.  They tend to spend it on website development and SEO, along with print or broadcast media, social media advertising, email marketing, advertising reps … READ MORE

AdWords Ad Rotation Soon to be Simplified

The Change As we have mentioned in a previous article, in 2017, machine learning has been and will be a major influence on the developments involving Google AdWords. This week AdWords announced on its official Blog that in late September it will simplify ad rotation to only TWO settings instead of the current FOUR. This … READ MORE

Machine Learning and PPC

We may have just entered the second half of 2017 but we have already had numerous significant developments in the area Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising or paid search marking.  One of the most important innovations of this year has been in the area of Machine Learning in which Google AdWords has made serious leaps and bounds. … READ MORE

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Premier Google Partner

Paid search marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are undoubtedly dominated by Google AdWords. Today, for most businesses, from small local family-owned to multinational conglomerates, advertising their goods and services on the Google network has become a part of their basic business expenses. Consequently, Google has set up a series of qualifications and certifications for advertising/marketing … READ MORE

Quality Score Made Easy: New Developments In Reporting

One of the most important pieces of information provided by AdWords in order to help us create relevant and effective ads, landing pages and choose the proper keywords is that vital piece of information referred to as the Quality Score (QS).  This score is a significant component of Ad Rank, which is how Google determines the position in which … READ MORE