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Expect New AdWords Experience Switch By The End Of The Year

On Monday, May 7th, Google announced that AdWords users will have to make a full switch to the new AdWords experience by the end of the year. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisers, like Savvy Search Marketing, will no longer be able to manage PPC accounts using the original interface of AdWords. Since the new AdWords Experience was introduced to all advertisers in October 2017, they had the option of using the tried-and-true version or the new interface. By the end of 2018 (most likely by October since they don’t want to switch during the busy holiday season), PPC marketing teams will no longer have that option. Everyone will have to learn to manage their accounts using only the new AdWords interface.

Why Develop A New AdWords Experience?

According to Google, the new AdWords experience was developed “to introduce a faster and more intuitive AdWords that’s focused on helping you reach your business goals.” The new version has been designed to load faster, make navigation easier to do more in less time, and provide easy access to key insights about the performance of our accounts in order to help us take the appropriate actions to improve results.

New AdWords Experience Keyword Planner

The Development Of  The New AdWords Experience

Initially, when the new AdWords experience was launched, it, unfortunately, did not have all the features available on the original version. However, Google has emphasised that the most popular features of the old version (e.g. remarketing lists for search ads, Google Analytics columns and the Keyword Planner) are now also available in the new experience. Google has also taken into account the feedback from current “New Experience” users to make numerous improvements such as more intuitive icons, hiding and unhiding paused or removed items, and the ability to see more of performance data by expanding the statistics table.

Google Provides Assistance For The Switch

According to Google, prior to the switch, all advertisers will receive an email with the information and resources needed to prepare for the change. For example, before trying the new AdWords experience, advertisers can take a guided tour, or review the quick reference map to locate the most frequently used features. Google also suggests, that AdWords users bookmark the ‘new AdWords experience’ section of the Help Center, which has been updated to help us with all the new features.

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