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“near me” Is Not Just About Location But Also About Finding What We Need, When We Need It!

Last August, Google’s VP of Marketing for the Americas, Lisa Gevelber in an article about “near me” reminded us how almost one-third of all mobile searches are related to location and that looking for a service or product nearby is one of the most common searches. However, now, people aren’t using location qualifiers as much since they assume the search results will be automatically relevant to their location.  

The Things I Need “near me”

In a recent article about the importance of “near me” search phrases, Gevelber stated that there was a growth of over 500% in the last two years of mobile searches that contain “near me” and a variant of “can I buy” or “to buy”. For example, people might search for “places to buy fishing gear near me” or “where can I buy used clothing near me.” Gevelber explains that the search term is now used not only to find specific places but also specific things, in a specific area, and in a specific period of time.

500% Growth in Near Me Searches
As the demands of daily life limit our free time more and more, we don’t have the luxury to go from store to store to compare price and quality in order to buy what we need. Consequently, we turn to our trusted smartphones to find the specific items we need in shops in our area. For example, Google found an increase of over 600% in mobile searches for dress-related “near me” search terms (e.g. “homecoming dresses near me” or “evening dresses near me”).

The Things I Need “near me” Now!

Another very important factor which has been combined with “near me” searches is “time.” According to Google, we want to find the items we need in a shop near us which can offer them to us right now! For example, Google reports an increase in mobile searches with the terms  “… near me now” (over 150%); “… near me today/tonight” (over 900%); and “open” + “now” + “near me” (over 200%). Therefore, it’s important to be able to provide people with what they want, the moment they need it! People want to know if a business has what they need at a specific time and location. People no longer have the time nor the patience to explore slow-to-load websites that bury relevant information.

Growth in Near Me Searches Line Graph


As business owners, what we need to do in order to stay competitive is provide people with the answers they need faster than our competitors. People are not interested in exploring our well-developed but, unfortunately, overloaded and slow-to-load websites. To capture those all-important conversions, we need to develop super-fast loading and mobile-friendly Landing Pages for specific products and services. These pages must include opening hours and location information along with a specific Call-to-Action.

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