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Texting With Just A Tap

On October 17, 2016, Google Adwords announced that in the coming weeks, they will be introducing  message extensions for mobile text ads called “click-to-message ads”.  Google decided to offer these extensions since according to research conducted by Google Consumer Surveys in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, 65% of smartphone users would consider using messaging to connect with a business rather than calling.    

Click-to-message ads will provide a convenient and efficient way for consumers to get in touch with your business.  All they have to do is tap on the texting option to launch a user’s SMS app with a pre-written message tailored to the product or service they’re interested in. The example provided by AdWords is that of a travel advertiser and a consumer who sends a message after searching for New York City hotels. AdWords explains that a consumer can send or edit a pre-written message text, “I’m interested in a reservation. Please text me back with more information.” (see image below)


The Benefits of Click-to-Message

This extension definitely provides a fast and easy way to connect with consumers on mobile devices in order to increase conversion rates.  Best of all, it provides businesses with more exposure with no extra AdWords cost since adding message extensions to your ad is easy and FREE.  What’s more, you can share extensions across ad groups or campaigns. You can quickly set up your extensions according to your specific needs and one extension can apply across an ad group or an entire campaign, similarly to existing extensions.

Business which have already used these extensions have commented that they had seen conversion rates ranging from 40% – 80% higher than other ad extensions.  They also explained that it is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with customers even after business hours.  

More About Message Extensions

If you would like more information about message extensions, you can read the official announcement  posted on Inside AdWords.  You can also visit the Adwords Help Center, read the new best practices or learn about how to create and use message extensions.

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