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High-Performing Landing Pages

At Savvy Search Marketing, we are always looking for ways to help our clients improve their online web presence and lead generation. We have been able to achieve significant success by creating highly focused, very localized, speedy and responsive dedicated landing pages, and, naturally, by providing our clients with world class Pay Per Click (PPC) management for the best possible ROI.

Dedicated Landing Pages for PPC

In this article, we would like to explain why using “Dedicated Landing Pages” is much more effective than using your entire website for PPC purposes.  Savvy Search Marketing has become a leader in landing page development because people are getting very demanding in terms of finding solutions online, with minimum fuss and maximum ease and convenience. As a well-established and trusted Digital Marketing Agency, which is always striving to stay one step ahead of the pack, we recognized that if dedicated landing pages are utilized effectively, they can become an essential component to PPC marketing. Consequently, we have become an Instapage-certified partner agency providing the expertise and resources needed to develop personalized, high-performing landing pages.

In fact, this past September, our CEO and founder, Savvas Kyriakides, attended the Google Partner Summit in New York and realized we are significantly ahead of the curve with respect to our use of landing pages for specific PPC campaigns.

What Exactly is a Landing Page?

Many people, even professional marketers, believe that a “Landing Page” is any page visitors land on after clicking on an advertisement link. This is a misconception, though. Your dedicated landing page should be independent of your website. It must be designed for specific marketing campaigns and, preferably, secure (use https). Leads coming from your PPC landing page can ONLY come from PPC adverts, so when you get visitors and conversions, you know for certain that they are the result of your advertising campaign. They are not mixed up with organic traffic, your Facebook visitors or anything else which may not provide a clear picture of how well your advertising campaign is performing. These pages are highly focused on specific objective(s) and are an indispensable tool for gathering precise analytics for reporting and testing purposes.

Characteristics of Effective Landing Pages

These pages are created and designed for specific campaigns and with a single purpose in mind – Get visitors to RESPOND to a particular CALL-TO-ACTION. In order to achieve this goal, these pages must have the following characteristics.

Compact & Super Fast

Since they are single pages, they load incredibly fast, which helps you greatly reduce the possibility of visitors abandoning your site even before it loads (for more information on the importance of speed click here).

Mobile Device-Friendly

Another great advantage of dedicated landing pages is that they look awesome on mobile devices because they are responsive, meaning that they automatically adapt to mobile devices by shrinking content and images and adapting them to your visitors’ mobile device. Let’s not forget that people prefer to scroll up and down rather than click on mobile devices, hence a dedicated landing page provides a better user experience to a searcher looking for a solution.

Specific Call-to-Action

These pages are only accessible from the links provided in online ads or other marketing content with a specific call-to-action. The fact that landing pages are so focused on a particular campaign goal also means that the Landing Page Experience (a factor used to calculate your ad’s Quality Score) of your ads will be higher. As a result, your Ad Rank improves and your Cost-Per-Click decreases!

As the ideal campaign objective is to provide visitors with only one call-to-action, it is, therefore, vital that dedicated landing pages should never have any extra links. Without the extra links, visitors only have a single action, which is to click your call-to-action! If you have additional links on your landing page which do not represent your conversion goal then, essentially, you are providing visitors with distractions which can weaken your message and most likely lower your conversion rate. Consequently, a well-optimized landing page will attract visitors who have a specific goal in mind and convert them more easily than if they were to land on your homepage.

A dedicated landing page is also a useful tool for gathering information about visitors, promoting your products and services, determining how motivated or interested they are in what you are offering so you can eventually convert them.

One of the most recent examples of highly focused and responsive landing pages is that of Liberty Appliance Repair which loads super fast and provides visitors with the necessary information to solve their appliance repair issues.

Screenshot of Liberty Appliance's LP


Create a Strong Scent Trail

What also makes an effective landing page has to do with how well it matches the information you provide in your ad which links to it (experts refer to this as “Scent Trail” ). The landing page must immediately support or reinforce the message of your ads. If this match is not immediately obvious then there is a strong possibility that visitors will leave the page within a few seconds without attempting to explore it. This applies to both search text ads and display ads which contain images. If the headlines or the images of your ads match those of your landing page then visitors will immediately realize that they made a good click and are not being led down the garden path.

It is, therefore, much easier to create strong “Scent Trails” when designing a specific landing page for a specific advertising campaign rather than using your website which may contain dozens of pages and links which in most part may not be immediately relevant to your campaign.

For more information about Landing Pages or to request your  Free Website and Online Marketing Assessmentemail us, use our Support Page or call 1-855-488-0988 today!

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