Google Premier Partners

For the past decade, for most businesses of all sizes, online or digital marketing has increasingly become a significant part of their advertising strategy. Marketing your goods and services on the web has become an accepted part of “doing business.” Currently, paid search marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are undoubtedly dominated by Google AdWords.

Consequently, Google has set up a series of qualifications and certifications for advertising/marketing professionals and agencies which want to offer their services as PPC experts. Google has done that in order to ensure that any business wishing to hire a PPC expert will be able to hire professionals who have the proper training and expertise to manage successful advertising campaigns which will provide a worthy return on investment (ROI) for their clients. The Google Partners program qualifies companies for two Google Partner Statuses: Google Partner and Google Premier Partner.

Achieving Google Premier Partner Status

The Google Premier Partner Badge is only awarded to the top 3% of the most qualified Google Partner agencies. Agencies like Savvy Search Marketing are expected to meet a number of requirements such as a higher minimum number of staff members certified in AdWords, a higher spend demonstrating a healthy amount of activity, delivering “solid” ad revenue and growth, and maintaining a growing client base.

What Clients Should Expect from a Google Premier Partner

Furthermore, since accountability is a core principle of Google advertising, Google wants to make certain that advertisers understand how AdWords is performing for them and what to expect from their third-party partners. In order to achieve this, Google has in place a strict “Third-Party Policy” which must be adhered to by all advertisers who purchase or manage Google advertising on behalf of their customers. One of the areas covered by this Policy is “Transparency.” Google’s aim is to ensure that advertisers will be provided, by their digital marketing experts, with all the right information to make informed decisions about their online advertising campaigns. For example, Google Partners must provide their clients with advertising cost and performance reports, inform them of management fees, which should be included on customer invoices, and share a Google disclosure notice.

Benefits of Choosing a Google Premier Partner

There are numerous reasons to choose a Google Premier Partner to manage your online search marketing. The most important benefit is that you are assured that your accounts managers will be qualified experts in PPC marketing who have been certified by Google Adwords. Managing a successful campaign is a complex operation which can only be accomplished by experienced professionals who are able to assess analytical data, perform the proper adjustments regarding budgets/keywords/ads and develop a strategy to produce high rates of conversions and an excellent ROI for their clients.

Google Premier Partner agencies also have direct access to Google representatives who can be contacted at any time. The Google representatives can offer immediate help to resolve any issues from cyber attacks on a client’s website to a client’s temporary inability to fulfill orders.

Another crucial benefit is the fact that clients are guaranteed that their PPC accounts are well-managed and will provide a high ROI. The experienced PPC specialists on staff are able to develop and run campaigns efficiently and with a minimum amount of issues which could cost your business time and money.

Digital PPC Agency

Savvy Search Marketing specializes in Search Marketing and Pay Per Click Management. We also provide related services such as WordPress responsive website development, landing page development, search engine optimization (SEO),  non-PPC online marketing, hosting, domain registration and much more.  We are proud to have been voted the top rated Marketing/Search Engine company in the USA on Trustpilot.

Our mission, as a digital PPC agency, is to help our clients improve their online presence; get targeted and measurable traffic; and increase their conversions (sales, signups etc). In short, we help our clients grow their business, which in turn, grows our business. We will make sure that wherever people are searching, regardless of the device, our team of expert PPC specialist will ensure that your business receives maximum exposure at the lowest possible price. Our years of experience and research have also provided us with a solid understanding of how consumers decide thus helping turn consumer intent into conversions. Savvy Search Marketing is results focused, hence we provide our clients with measurable results that increase their ROI.

Savvy Search Marketing effectively utilizes Google AdWords, Bing Ads, display advertising, remarketing, Google Shopping and advertising on social media platforms to help you reach the widest possible audience.  We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our management is on a month to month basis. No long-term contracts!

Our Clients

Savvy Search Marketing Ltd is dedicated to providing custom Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions to small and mid-sized businesses using Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and several other PPC platforms. Although Savvy Search Marketing initially served businesses in Surrey and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, it has expanded to a client base throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Client satisfaction is extremely high, being rated #1 in North America by Trustpilot in the Media & Marketing – Search Engine category, and A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Savvy Search Marketing is very proud that its PPC campaigns are the primary source of non-referral based leads for many of its clients.

Our hands-on approach to PPC management will ensure that our clients’ campaigns never stagnate or lose focus. Our goal is to make sure that our clients’ investment will more than pay for itself. Our clients quickly experience increases in their conversion rates as a result of our campaigns. See what they have to say.

Your Customers

Savvy Search Marketing develops PPC and Social Media advertising campaigns that are highly targeted so that they reach only people interested in your products and services who reside in your target area which is designated by a geographic radius or boundary. However, if you need to advertise internationally, we can use AdWords to target your ads in about 40 different languages, throughout more than 190 countries. Whether your ads are displayed locally or internationally, they are only displayed to people seeking information related to the keywords you’ve selected. Therefore, instead of looking for an audience, you’ve got an audience that’s looking for you. Our certified PPC specialists also create ad copy which informs your prospective customers exactly what you can do for them in order to maximize the quality of leads you receive.

Additionally, we can provide you with Intergrade Call Tracking so that all calls you receive can be measured and recorded according to the source of the visitor (i.e. via Google ad or organic search results) with some truly amazing statistics. The information gathered from Call Tracking can significantly improve the performance of PPC campaigns and any other online (and offline) marketing.

Once you attract potential customers to your website, the other half of the battle is converting the targeted visitors that reach your website. We help identify improvements that will lead to more positive visitor engagement, resulting in stronger conversions. These improvements are things like a well-placed call to action, layout and menu structure, better forms, or additional means of engagement such as LiveChat. Not only do we get the traffic to your website, but we help you generate more leads and sales.

For more information about Premier Google Partners and what Savvy Search Marketing can do for your business, please read our blog article on the benefits of hiring a Google Premier Partneremail us, use our Support Page or call 1-855-712-9772 today!