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Google Cardboard For Education

In a previous article, Google Cardboard 101, we covered the basics of Google Cardboard. In this article, we will explore the ways Cardboard can be used for education.

Google Cardboard is a Virtual Reality headset geared towards being accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. The most basic units are actually made of cardboard, are easy to get and assemble, and you can start exploring the Virtual Reality world in minutes.

For more about Cardboard, and links to purchase, see the Google Cardboard website.

Take a Virtual Reality Field Trip

The Google Expeditions app allows multiple units to work together. A class of students could all be part of a similar location at the same time, but seeing their own view.

You’ll need enough Google Cardboard units to go around, as well as mobile devices for each user with the app installed. The app is currently available on the Google Play store with an app for Apple devices coming soon.

3D Videos

Watching a video in 3D can really bring it to life. The amount of video content available for Google Cardboard type devices is growing, and it is possible to convert standard video to 3D with relatively inexpensive software.

Apps Made For Cardboard

There are many apps that support Cardboard, and Google has one of its own to get you started. Search “Google Cardboard” on your device’s App Store and download the one by Google. It’ll give you an introduction into how it can be used for 360 degree views, maps (street view), and more.

Make it fun!

No matter how you use it, make it a fun and entertaining experience. Virtual Reality is very exciting, and most people don’t want to put it down once they get a chance to try it. So get a few devices and Cardboard units, and start using it as an educational tool today!

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