Free Website and Online Marketing Assessment

We take online marketing seriously. This means putting together a comprehensive plan that includes your website, PPC campaigns, social media sites, and your organic SEO rankings.

What we are offering is a personalized and custom review of your online presence. We’ll take a look at what you currently have, and make recommendations on areas that need improvement, and services that you need to be successful.

Here are some of the components our website assessment and online marketing review take into consideration:

  1. A full website assessment (review) by one of our specialists. Your site is your home on the web, and needs to be in great shape to convert the leads it receives.
    • Is your site mobile-friendly? Today, the mobile or more precisely “the smartphone” has changed the way people surf the net. It’s critical for any business to have a mobile-friendly site since the majority of individuals visiting your site are likely to be using a mobile device. If your site is not mobile-friendly then visitors have to pinch or zoom in order to view your content. This can be frustrating and will ultimately lead them to abandon your site. If you’d like more information about this issue, please read this article by Google Developers.
    • Can visitors identify what you do right away? Research has found that most visitors will spend up to 8 seconds at your site if the headline and landing page are not compelling and clear enough about what you are offering them.  Consequently, you have to grab their attention immediately by informing them of what you have to offer.
    • Are there clear call-to-actions present? Having a clear call-to-action message, such as “Buy Now – Free Shipping” or “Download Now – Free 30-Day Trial”, has been found to increase conversions significantly, in some reported cases the increase was over 100%. It is vital for visitors to know exactly what actions to take and in what order so that they can accomplish their goal.  We can help you send visitors clear and precise call-to-actions and achieve the conversion rates you have always wanted.
  2. A review of your existing PPC campaigns, or if you have none, we will advise you on what direction to take. Some of the typical issues our expert assessment can uncover are:
    • Wasted spend on useless search terms. This can be triggered by keywords that are too broad and can often result in THOUSANDS of wasted dollars.
    • Bad geographic targeting. Unintentional spend on clicks in geographic areas way outside of your core areas.
    • Lack of strategy. A common problem. If there is no strategy, how can you get maximum return?
  3. A review of your SEO organic ranking. We will help you by identifying weaknesses, which may affect your ranking. We will review your referrals, links and in general analyze your SEO strategy.
  4. A review of your social media channels. It’s important to review your social media channels and update them in order to keep them fresh and relevant.  It’s also an opportunity to evaluate how well you are using these channels to promote your products and services.

There is no commitment and no hard sell. Our goal is to show you a clear path forward for growing your business online. Give us a chance to show you how we work. We believe our results speak for themselves!

To request your Free Website and Online Marketing Assessment, please email or call 1-855-712-9772 today!