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Optimizing your Website to Convert: Part 2 – Speed

Speed is King Gone in 3 Seconds You can have the ultimate website design with all the latest bells and whistles. It can include all the right features and content to guarantee an astronomical conversion rate. However, if it doesn’t load at the blink of an eye then you’ll lose the majority of your visitors … READ MORE

Set Up Sub MCC Account In AdWords

The instructions below are intended to enable the creation of sub MCCs within a single main MCC in AdWords. Ensure you have a google email (gmail is easiest) that has never been used with AdWords before. If you do not have one, simply create a new gmail for this purpose Make sure you are logged … READ MORE

Optimizing Your Website to Convert: Part 1

  If you have a business of any size, whether it is local, national or international, you most probably have a website to promote and sell your goods and services.  We live in a world in which approximately 80% of consumers use the internet to search for products and services.  In fact, most consumers assume … READ MORE

Quality Score Made Easy: New Developments In Reporting

One of the most important pieces of information provided by AdWords in order to help us create relevant and effective ads, landing pages and choose the proper keywords is that vital piece of information referred to as the Quality Score (QS).  This score is a significant component of Ad Rank, which is how Google determines the position in which … READ MORE

Changes to AdWords Ad Rank Thresholds

If you have noticed changes in your AdWords Cost-Per-Click (CPC) then this could be due to changes in Ad Rank thresholds.  Ad Rank, or your ad’s position on the Google search results page, is determined by a number of factors.   Ad Rank is a combination of bid amount, auction-time measurements of expected CTR, ad … READ MORE

Google Partners Connect – Home Services

Savvy Search Marketing is pleased to have been involved with the Google Partners Connect – Home Services livestream event on May 17, 2017. If you missed the event, you can watch the video here. This is valuable information for business owners in the Home Services industry, including plumbers, electricians, locksmiths etc. Learn about the value … READ MORE

AdWords Ad Schedule – How To Change

View the following video and learn how to change your AdWords ad schedule, and to be able to adjust bids for certain times of the day

AdWords Auction Insights – See Your Competitors

View the following video from Savvy Search Marketing and learn how to see who your competitors are with AdWords Auction Insights

Google Premier Partners Connect: May 2017

On May 3rd, the Savvy Search Marketing team hosted a Google Premier Partners Connect event at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The aim of the event was to inform the local business owners about effectively marketing their businesses online. 50+ local business owners attended the event, were treated to a Continental breakfast buffet, and … READ MORE

How Google Became a Household Name

“Google” has become part of the vernacular of almost every language in the modern world.  This incredible feat was accomplished in less than two decades.  The ambitious project of two Standford University students,  Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to design a better way to check the credibility of academic papers led them to develop what we … READ MORE

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