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“I just wanted to let you know about the value of your Call Tracking system. I truly found it quite helpful in reviewing telephone call information. When someone calls, I can use the rewind feature and listen to what I said or what they said. Recently, I accidentally pressed 337 and I deleted the phone number of a previous client who wanted an appointment! I had no way of retrieving the recorded message until I received your report and was able to listen to who the client was and get the phone number to call them back. It is also outstanding for checking on my website, as well.” – Caree Ludwar, NEW BEAUTY INSTITUTE
Peace of Mind while Freeing up my Time! Savvas and his team have done a tremendous job of evolving my business web presence to an active channel that drives my bottom line. They have provided great value while taking the complexities and timely activies of PPC and SEO off my plate. I am very satisfied to have established a strong business relationship with them and look forward to a mutually beneficial future!” John Seliga, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of British Columbia and Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Edmonton, Alberta
“I have been relying on the team at Savvy Search Marketing to help me set up an effective PPC campaign for my Tutor Doctor business. Over the past three years, all campaigns have been executed very well based on clear communications and excellent planning. They offer quick, honest advice and their knowledgeable team work together to provide great results in a timely, professional manner.” Yossi Suissa, Calgary One-on-One Tutoring
Exceptional customer service! The professionalism, product knowledge and customer service by Savvy Search Marketing has been exceptional. We have been working with them for over three years, and they have been phenomenal in every respect.” Ancel Hamilton, BioTek Environmental, Inc.
Honest, professional advice. For many years we’ve turned to the team at Savvy Search Marketing to help us build a strong online presence. They offer quick, honest advice and their knowledgeable team work together to provide great results in a timely, professional manner. Sherri Abu-Ulba, Spa Utopia Health & Wellness Centres
Amazing Service, Efficient and Customer Focused! I am very happy with the service I have received from Savvy Search Marketing. They are responsive to all requests and great at coming up new solutions to make my results even better. They stay in-tune with new developments and making suggestions to increase viability. Great customer service and efficient in getting the job done. HIGHLY recommend this provider.” Nicelle DePatie, Calgary Tutor Doctor
“Working with Savvas exemplifies what business relationships should be- respectful, honest, sincere, productive…the list could go on. Savvas brings a wealth of knowledge to his specialization in web design and SEO. This is what brought us to SavvyK. However, what keeps us with Savvas is his first class customer service and commitment to making your business better, attracting a team of experts that are leaders in their field and ready to help at any time. Thank you, Savvas!”Kim Bjarnason, Tutor Doctor Vancouver Island
“Great service and fabulous people to work with. We are a non-profit focused on racial equity and they have helped us tremendously. Highly recommend.” Aimee Reeder, World Trust
“Savvy has supported us to maximize our budget for Google AdWords and is responsible for helping to drive the majority of traffic to our website through that service. We are very pleased with their team, especially their customer service, and will continue to be customers for many years to come.”Leah Qusba, Alliance for Climate Education
“To all of the employees at Savvy, I wanted to send you a general appreciation email. Making the switch to your company has been one of the best moves I made since I’ve been in business. Your attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction is unmatched. I cannot wait to meet all of you in person at DBA and share a frost beverage. Again, keep up the good work, A+++, 10 for 10, just amazing. THANK YOU!!!” Brandon Bollin, Tutor Doctor of Greater Toledo
“My customer care experience has been excellent since starting service. On this issue, the team responded very quickly and thoroughly. It turned out not to be a huge or complicated problem but their attention to detail was great and their focus on explanation and making sure I understood the nature of the problem was even better. Awesome service! Extremely timely response, more than suitable options to address my complaint, and a thoughtful, attentive, well-executed solution.”Gary Reed, Tutor Doctor of Hampton Roads

“I’ve been in marketing my entire career and I’ve worked with a lot of PPC companies, for myself and for my clients. Savvas and his team is THE BEST team I’ve ever worked with in internet marketing. They connect with you, they actually listen and they get things done. Unlike many companies who say they can do everything but can’t, Savvy lets you know what they can do (and they’re good at it), why it’s important (or not), and they’ll teach you how you can do it yourself (because they understand budgets). They’re growing wisely and introducing new products that really work. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Well worth the investment. GREAT JOB!

Savvas and his team of experts are always quick to respond and finish any PPC project you have for them, big or small. I always appreciate their attention to detail, and ability to teach me how PPC works and the way they guide me to the best decisions. A truly unique PPC team!” – Linda Langhoff, Tutor Doctor Boulder

“I just launched my Tutor Doctor Franchise last Thursday and in one weeks time I was able to set 3 consultations with families for tutoring. The average consultation brings close to $3,000 in revenue. Thanks Savvy Search!”Brent Foster, Tutor Doctor Brevard County
“I am so pleased with my decision to use Savvy Search Marketing Ltd, as my website service provider. Every single staff member is highly knowledgeable and eager to meet my requirements. They promptly respond to my requests and concerns, and are fun and interesting people to speak with. I went into a consultation this evening and asked the prospect how they heard of my company. He stated that he had looked at two other tutoring service providers before me, but ended up calling us for one main reason. The other two companies had confusing websites; he said he loved how easy it was to navigate my website and quickly find the information that he wanted. He booked the consultation using, a tool that was recommended to me by Savvas himself. I have now had four consultation bookings in less than 30 days as a result of this added feature. I really appreciate Savvas and all of his team and would highly recommend them to any of my business connections. Thanks to all of you for making my website so effective and my personal experience so enjoyable!!” Rick Bunch, Tutor Doctor Northern Utah
“I’ve worked with Savvas for 5 years. His expertise in PPC is second to none. I own a Tutor Doctor franchise and from my initial working relationship, Savvas is now an approved vendor for Tutor Doctor globally and works with over 40 offices now. Very responsive to requests and always on top of developments for PPC. Very happy with his service.”Peter Seward, Tutor Doctor Richmond
“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your expert advice. Last month we struggled with an affordable PPC campaign to cover a very wide area. Your guidance and patience while we grow is so very appreciated. I was really feeling like curtailing my PPC was some huge mistake and you confirming our marketing strategy modifications as a sound course of action has provided me with indescribable relief. The time you take to explain this PPC marketing world that is truly foreign to me makes me feel empowered to make my own decision for what best suits my market and my spending budget. I will recommend you to any Tutor Doctor Franchise.” Julie McLaughlin, Tutor Doctor Sacramento
“I love the way you operate in such an open and transparent manner.”Kevin Kinney, Tutor Doctor Colorado Springs
“I have tried different companies, and they put a lot of effort at the beginning of the PPC programming and then forget about you. Savvy is different, they review constantly your account and make minor changes to keep improving your performance on the search engines. Their response time to my requests is excellent and they have an excellent grasp of the technology.” Gabriel Solorzano, Tutor Doctor Miami
“When I first opened my couple and family therapy practice in Langley, I quickly became aware that I needed assistance to navigate the world of online marketing. I have been grateful for the knowledge, experience and advice from Savvas and John. They have been very accessible and supportive in my first year of business, and my decision to work with them has given me peace of mind. Leaving the PPC advertising in their capable hands afforded me the freedom to focus on my own strengths in the counseling and client service aspects of my practice. With their help and guidance, I have enjoyed a steady flow of business. Thank you Savvas and John!”Michele Maurer, Resilience Couple & Family Therapy
“As a business owner I was trying to manage my own AdWords account. I was not achieving the results I had hoped for until I enlisted the help of Savvas and his team. They have helped us manage our AdWords campaign and budget for Google, which has resulted in higher call volume and more business. Thank you for all the hard work!” Manj & Nick, Instant Imprints Langley.
“Wow! Its like somebody lit a fire under my phone, because it has not stopped ringing! My calls went from about 5 a week, to 5 per day.” — Steve, ASAP Excavating Drainage & Sewer Inc., ASAP Excavating Drainage & Sewer Inc. – Drain Cleaning Division
“I tried to find a SEO web company here in York Pa. I even signed on with many that promised me a ringing phone. After spending over $20,000.00 in failures, I was lucky to find Savvas. He has been critical to my business success. They drive my business to me. Thank you Savvy !!!!!” – Denny Cottrell, Jr.- CEO/Owner, Cottrell Basement Waterproofing LLC, Central Pennsylvania –
“We recently received a significant grant from a global investment company with a foundation in South Africa. They did a google search and ASAP came right up and they called and visited the projects and we have a 3 year commitment. Wonderful, thank you!” – Priscilla Higham, Executive Director of African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP)
“Never in the history of the world have we had 10 new clients, jobs completed and paid, in a three week time period.” Marietta, Able1Call Utility Locators
“There is a lot that I need to do to better equip myself to understand PPC and how to leverage the website. Up to this point, I have always received prompt, efficient and courteous support from the entire staff. Thanks so much!”Rick Bunch, Tutor Doctor Northern Utah
“We have been blown away by the quick and steady increase in traffic that Savvas has been able to achieved with our Google Adwords. We literally went from no Adword traffic to over 10,000 clicks in one month! He is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with”
Kara Muraki, Program Manager, Alliance for Climate Education
“I’m so happy with how the Google Adwords is working out. I’ve been getting LOTS of calls – and had 5 new registrations in January.” — Adele Berry, Owner, Fraser Heights Montessori.
“Savvas has created a more cost effective, efficient Google marketing platform for several of our online companies. He has decreased our budget and increased our traffic – win/win!” — Noel, Noel Asmar Uniforms Inc.
“Savvas has been the key element that has driven several successful web strategies for our group of companies. His level of professionalism and strength of knowledge in developing our internet distribution initiatives has been outstanding.” — Caree and Dave Ludwar, New Beauty Institute.
“I have found a dramatic increase of sales since working with you. I would recommend your services to anybody wanting to increase their online sales!” — Patricia, The Facial Room Skincare Inc.
“If you want a company that really knows what web marketing is about , look no further. Within weeks of working with Savvas our calls had increased greatly, quickly growing our customer base.
Savvas takes the time to learn about your industry in order to design the most effective campaign for you, based on your needs and your budget. Savvas is totally professional and constantly followed up with us to make sure our advertising campaign was working for us. The ability to change your advertising campaign literally at a moment’s notice, and get the results you want immediately, is unlikely to happen with most other website marketing companies.
The fact that contracts with Savvas, are month to month and you are not locked in, is also amazing as most companies have you sign annual contracts. Also, everything is included in one fee and you can make as many changes as you want, anytime you want. Unlike some web marketing companies Savvas only takes on one client from each industry, eliminating ineffective competition between clients.
Our competitors are constantly asking how we maintain the top position in search engines, but that’s a secret we don’t share. Thank you Savvas, you are great to work with. Our bottom line has increased dramatically after using your service, what more could we ask?`Bernita & Norman Mangnall, Access Garage Doors Ltd., November 2011
“Savvy Search Marketing have helped us get on the top of Google whenever someone searches for relevant dentist related keywords in our location. This has driven targeted traffic to our website, resulting in new clients” – Dr Raj Dhiman, Riverside Dental
“We have found working with Savvy Search Marketing to be a very positive experience. They were able to interpret our needs and taylor a program suited to our business objectives in a cost effective and efficient manner. Their efforts have proven effective in generating positive project leads within the markets that our firm is wanting to target. I have no reservations in recommending them for firms looking to increase their project numbers.” — Stefan Wiedemann, Wiedemann Architectural Design.
“I cannot say enough good things about Savvas Kyriakides and his handling of our web marketing. We have many inquires from our web and we can see the increase in our sales that are due to the exposure on the internet. When we have a special tour to promote we can see how setting up the key words brings so many more visitors to our site. The help from Savvas has been invaluable to our success!” — Sharleen Dickson, CTC, Ladies on the Go Travel Club
“It is my pleasure to offer this testimonial after the excellent job Savvas did in creating a web site for my dental practice. The web site has been very successful at attracting new patients who are cruising sites for a new dentist. When I ask a new patient why they chose my office they usually say the liked the web site. Thank you Savvas for a great job!!” — Dr Rand Barker, B.SC, M.SC, DMD, Dentist
“You are my go to man and we are ever so grateful for your insight/guidance. If anyone needs a website I am more then happy to give them your info!” – Bohdanna Popowycz Kvam, Executive Director, Harmony House Preschool
“Savvas I have appreciated your efforts in assisting with the website and the ongoing support you have offered to Riplees Ranch in growing our business. I wish you all the best in the future with your business.” – Nigel Holmes, Riplees Ranch Pet Supply Inc.
“When we think of web sites we don’t often associate them with saving lives. Well, Savvas Kyriakides has saved many lives through January 2008 Savvas read an article in the local newspaper regarding the “Gecko Lady’ – an article about raising funds for children in Zimbabwe. Savvas was moved into action and offered a free website to help promote the Gecko Lady’s efforts. “Gecko Lady” operated for a year, raising thousands of dollars for orphans and widows in Zimbabwe. The success of “Gecko Lady” would not have been possible without the website.Due to the growth of interest and donations, as well as the increasing need in Zimbabwe, Gecko Lady joined with a few others and decided to form a Society. Zimbabwe Gecko Society was formed in January 2009. Again, Savvas moved into action and updated the website to reflect the new society.We know that the funds raised through this website will continue to help orphans and widows in Zimbabwe thrive and succeed. It will continue to save and enrich lives by the thousands. We are greatly indebted to Savvas for his generosity. Based on our experience, we recommend Savvas as a person to do business with. We also trust that he will be blessed as a result of creating this blessing for widows and orphans in Zimbabwe.” – Sue Janetti, Director – Zimbabwe Gecko Society

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