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Regular Blogging & SEO Rankings Go Hand in Hand

SEO experts agree that understanding how to improve your site’s ranking is like a complex puzzle that keeps changing since Google makes regular adjustments to its algorithms and policies. One thing, however, which has been proven over time to help SEO rankings and drive traffic to any site is Regular Blogging.   A study of small to medium-sized business has shown that blogging can significantly improve marketing results.  In fact, according to the study, companies that blog can expect 55% more visitors, 97% more backlinks and 434% more indexed pages.  There are dozens of reasons why blogging can help your SEO but the most important to keep in mind are the following: New Pages, Long Tail Keywords, Backlinking, and Social Media.

Blog Posts Act As Additional Pages

Many of you probably think that blog posts are not important since you provide the information your customers need on your site’s pages.  However, the content or information on those pages is usually not updated very often. Fortunately, blogs offer an opportunity to add fresh content to your website, which search engines thirst for, and also provide search engines new pages to index and rank, given that the blog entries contain at least 300 quality words. What’s more, you should be aware that search engines give priority to the most relevant and freshest content on the web, so if you don’t update your site regularly, chances are your site won’t appear in the top search results.  To put it simply, regularly updated websites are considered more relevant and current than less frequently updated sites, therefore they receive higher SEO rankings.

Long Tail Keywords

Blogging provides a great opportunity to use long tail keywords or key phrases which are specifically related to your products or services.  These key phrases may receive fewer impressions or less search traffic but they have higher conversion rates due to them being so focused on the services or products you have to offer.  As a result, a post can be used to target several specific keywords within the appropriate content and context without being considered excessive or irrelevant to the content.  When you blog about issues related to your services or products then you will be able to use desired keywords in a natural manner and, in the process, you will provide useful information to your reader/customer.  Consequently, you will build a reputation as an expert in your industry and visitors will return to your site more frequently which means increased traffic and thus a better SEO ranking.


Backlinks or incoming links are one of the factors which Google’s PageRank algorithm uses to determine how important a page is and therefore how high a page should appear in search results.  Backlinking is a tricky business though, but if done right, it can really help SEO rankings.  Backlinks are like citations in a book, therefore the more backlinks a website has, the more popular and important is considered to be by search engines.  However, the links need to be of high quality and relevant, meaning they should be from reputable sites which are related to your industry.  As a result, when you provide valuable content it is more likely for readers to reference and link to your site’s blog posts.  You can also consider asking websites which are related to your industry and with which you may share a target audience to include links to your site. By providing quality information on your blog then you have the ability to create multiple pages which can act as links for different subjects.  Once again, high-quality blogging can establish you as an authority in your field and thus increase traffic and SEO rankings.

Increase Popularity Through Social Media

Since Google also returns social media search results, it is important to share your blog on popular social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  It’s logical to expect that people will be more likely to click on a post shared by a friend with similar interests than by some faceless organization.  However, you need to ensure that your posts include search terms in your meta descriptions and titles so that search engines can find you.  Consequently, social media listings are an easy and effective way to help you increase your SEO ranking if you have fresh and interesting content to offer potential costumers.

All things considered, it is vital for any organization to maintain a high-quality blog in order to achieve top SEO rankings in organic searches.  Blogging is useful, however, you must keep it fresh, relevant to your industry and of course engaging to encourage people to want to share your posts.

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