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Google AdWords: Additional Time To Test And Fine-Tune Expanded Text Ads

In a previous Blog entry, we notified you that Google AdWords will no longer permit us to create or edit standard text ads after the 26th of October, 2016 since, at some point in the future, they will have to be totally replaced by the new longer format expanded text ads (ETAs). ¬†However, on September … READ MORE

Google Adwords: Extend Ads with Seller Ratings

This video explains how to invoke Seller Ratings in your Google Ads, so that potential customers can see reviews and ratings reflecting customers’ overall consumer experience with your business. Highlight positive seller ratings in your extensions to increase trust, and to provide incentives for customers to contact you over the competition. The good news is … READ MORE

Google Adwords: Review Extensions

Watch the video to learn how to extend your Adwords Ads with customer reviews, allowing you to showcase positive third-party write-ups of your business right in your Google Ads! Reviews are important to potential customers, increasing trust when dealing with new businesses. Ensure that your review extensions are general rather than specific, so that they … READ MORE

Adwords Low Search Volume Keywords

Low search volume is a¬†status that Google AdWords gives to a keyword with very little to no search history on Google. The keyword will be inactive until its search traffic increases, when the keyword can start triggering your ads to appear. Often this never happens, and the keywords remains tagged as Low search volume indefinitely. … READ MORE

Google Adwords – Create A Gmail Ads Campaign

Watch the video to learn how to create a Gmail Ads Campaign using Adwords. The steps are simple to enable this display network campaign, and you should use separate ad groups for your gmail ads so that they are distinct from existing display or remarketing campaigns. Using a different targeting method- for example, choosing to … READ MORE

Google Adwords – How To Optimize Remarketing Campaigns

This video offers some Adwords Tips that our team uses to optimize Remarketing Campaigns. Included are steps to remove restrictions for best performance, as well as automating frequency caps.

Google Adwords – Linking Your Adwords & Analytics Accounts

Watch the video to learn how to link Google Analytics to your AdWords account, giving you more insight into what happens after people land on your website from ads. The following are key advantages to linking Analytics with Adwords: 1. View website performance & engagement data in Adwords 2. Import Goals & Transactions as Conversions … READ MORE

Google Adwords – Callout Extensions

This brief video explains how to use Callout Extensions to enhance your Ads in Google Adwords. If your business offers value-added products or services, why not emphasize these bonus or additional features in your Google Ads? Free Shipping, 24/7 Customer Service, Online Ordering, Free Estimates, etc. All are great examples of Callout Extensions that can … READ MORE

Google Adwords – What is Quality Score?

You may have noticed “Quality Score” among the metrics reported in Adwords accounts. Have you wondered what it means, or why it matters? This brief video explains how quality score (an Ad Relevance metric) is calculated and what it means for your campaigns. Google’s objective is to serve only the most relevant ads to searchers, … READ MORE

Pausing PPC Campaigns for Holidays

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns do not always need to be running. Not only can they be scheduled to run during specific days and hours, but the campaign can be paused for a period of time. If you plan to close for upcoming holidays, your PPC campaigns can be scheduled to pause for the duration … READ MORE